Thursday, 9 October 2014

Starting your Healthy hair journey

What is a Hair Regimen, why do i need one?
A hair regimen is simply an other of activities carried out consistently to improve the health and length of our hair. If you desire to have a healthy scalp and hair then you definitely need to start yourself on a regimen. Make it your hair time table if i should put it that way.

What results would having a hair regimen yield you?
*Healthy scalp and hair
*Hair that is not dry and brittle
*Hair that is free from dandruff and other scalp conditions
*Hair that visibly increases in length over a period of months.
     who wouldn't want that??

Yes i want that but how do i get started?
First step is to set your mind on it and agree within yourself that you can do it...that you can get healthy hair. Great things happen when you believe so believe in yourself.

A basic hair regimen should consist of the following steps:
1. Pre-shampoo step
2. Shampoo
3. Deep Conditioning
4. Moisturise and sealing
5. Detangling (I will do a separate post on detangling soon)
As you keep on the journey and become more enlightened and conversant with some practices (like co washing, tea rinsing etc) you may like to add them to your regimen.

A prepoo is a preshampoo treatment either an oil, conditioner or a hair cream applied to the hair prior to washing. This helps to reduce the stripping or harmful effects that shampoos may have on the hair. It can be done by simply applying the product on the entire length of your hair and then leaving it on for sometime before shampooing.

Shampoos are the main cleaning agents that is what you wash your hair with to get rid of dirt, dust and oils. There are so many types of shampoos; clarifying, moisturising, conditioning, voluminising and so on. I personally think you don't need to have all of them but which ever you choose is all up to you. However make sure to use a good quality shampoo that does not contain sulphates or you dilute it thoroughly because sulphates are bad for the hair.

This is a must for healthy hair and all haircare divas swear by it! It is a step that must not be skipped.
Hair should be deep conditioned to add back moisture or protein after shampooing. A deep conditioner is different from and cannot be replaced fully by a rinse out conditioner. There are deep conditioners either store bought or home made that provides moisture, protein or both.
Simply means you need a moisturising deep conditioner to add moisture and a protein deep conditioner to add protein. Protein and moisture are essential for healthy hair but should be balanced.
How often you deep condition is up to you but if you are starting out on a hairmegency then it should be once a week. you can adjust it when need be.

This is another essential of haircare that must not be over looked. Moisturising your hair with a water based moisturiser or leave in conditioner will help keep your hair soft and moisturises during the weekdays before washday. This will prevent dryness that can lead to breakage. Always remember to seal in the moisture with an oil or a butter (e.g shea butter) so that the hair strands will hold on to the moisture for a longer period of time.

This is also a basic part of your regimen (except you have locs) because how you comb your hair and what you use to comb your hair will help you retain length or make you loose length. It has been my holy grail since i began my hair journey and it deserves a separate post.

GROWTH AIDS AND METHODS are up to you but i will still discuss it in another post.

Side gist:
Did i say use hair creams (i'm writing this because we are in Naija and don't want to name some on your scalp? NO. Any hair cream that contains petroleum and mineral oil SHOULD NOT be put on your scalp or used to seal your hair. They just gunk up your hair and scalp...your hair doesn't really need that and if you keep using it its not going to be as healthy as it would be without me.


  1. Hi Judith, congratulations on your one year progress.Am about to start my hair journey from relaxed to texlax.However, I want to know if u chopped ur relaxed straight hair or u gradually trimmed it.thanx

    1. Hello Mo! thanks for stopping by:-)
      No i didnt transition because my hair has always been texlaxed (back then i would say relaxers dont get it bone straight cause my hair was stubborn) so because of my low hair porousity it always came out texlaxed.
      Goodluck with your journey!

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  3. M abt to start mine. Can I use a lot of water as moisturizer den seal wit oil?

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