Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Hair Progress Pictures Since 2013 till date

Hello there! It's always good to look back at where you started from. Here's a picture gallery of my journey from neck/shoulder length to Waist Length hair... Be Inspired....

My Starting length 

December 2013, 2 Months in

February 2014, 4 Months progress length check on Rollerset hair

April 2014, relaxer day length check on rollerset hair

July 2014 length check after relaxer
Grazing Armpit length July 2014

Full Armpit Length, October 2014, length check on blowdried hair

1 year comparison

Relaxer update December 2014

April 2015, Reached Bra Strap Length

November 2015 after a big cut that took me back to Full Armpit Length
i was probably MBL before the cut. 

April 2016 so close to Bra Strap Length 

June 2017 Midback length