Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hey loves! Very big thank You to the ladies who gave their contributions on my first hair talk post. I really appreciate your comments. 

This Washday experience is coming a bit late because i lost my phone (it was stolen at my a 'lady'). So its almost 3weeks late.  Honestly I thought it would take a long time before I got a new one but my mum knew i had to get a new one very soon because i blog with it and basically do everything with it. So i'm back with my regular blog posts.

I followed the same Washday routine but I decided that I have enough new growth for me to stop fussing around with my hair. Washing weekly and creating (sometines copying.. Hehe) protective styles weekly or every 5 days. It's 2months since my last relaxer and 2months to my next relaxer so I feel like I've reached that Mark where I should sit Tight and adjust my seat belts so I can have an awesome set back free ride. This doesn't mean I wount try out some really nice styles but could be one or two.