Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hair talk: what works for you may not work for me. What does this mean?

Hey loves! Hope you're doing okay? This post isn't the usual Washday post or tips n tricks... Its kinda like a rambling post but I'm actually trying to point out something to you and I hope you get what I mean by the time you finish reading this. I may be writing on some topics from my own point of view. I'll try to keep up with this one on Tuesdays :-)

Some weeks ago I was added to a group chat which comprised of my classmates from secondary school. I got to chat with some friends and we shared pics too and I noticed that they wore mostly weaves... (I shouldn't talk about their real hair... That's another story Entirely). It was already close to my 2yrs hhj anniversary and I decided to tell them about my hair so far.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Washday Experience: A new twist to same Ole Bob

This week's protective style

Hey dearies! I'm back with another Washday post. This one was quite smooth sailing. Before I begin, I had alot of feedback regarding my previous protective style  before my hairniversary. For those of you who really want to try the style but you don't know how long it would last, mine lasted for 5 days. I took it down for my hairniversary Washday because I wanted to blow dry my hair.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Juditherese Haircare Blog is 1 + 2year hhj hairniversary!!

Hey cuties! I'm beyond happy to announce that This blog is now a year old!

Oh my! How time flies! I remember writing my first post like it was yesterday. Did you know I have written over 70 posts since I started blogging? I looked up my page views and it's over 23,000! You guys are amazing! Thank you for always coming over to see what's going on in my little space on the Web :-)

On another note... It's my 2year healthy hair journey anniversary! *twirls 5 times*. It was actually yesterday but I couldn't get to post this. I had my usual Washday routine and I did a blow-dry using the tension method on warm air. Then I finished By blasting with cool air. The only leave ins I used on my hair prior to blow drying was my Lotta body moisturize me curl and style milk and I sealed with Avocado oil. I had to use those because my heat protectant serum (mega growth hi shine polish serum) slipped from my hand and broke. I plan to replace it soon.

But I have a really soft spot for lottabody now. See how good my hair looks! And it was really soft and moisturised.

Oct. 2015, 2year mark

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Amla mud on natural hair + high puff!

For my naturalistas this Washday I tried amla mask on my sisters natural hair. The mask I mean is the residue mud (amla+oil) left over when the oil was decanted from the mixture.

 Washday started by taking out her threaded hairstyle. Her hair was straight which made finger detangling easier. All I did was spray some Mane n tail detangler before working on the sections and I put each finished section into a ponytail (4 in total).

Friday, 9 October 2015

Washday experience: Hella cute protective style!

Hey beauties! and hey handsome! :-) Yes there are guys who read my blog too *I wonder when they will give me a Holla or comment... If you are reading this pls do (blows kiss)*

Enough of that silly rant lol. While I plan to be bombarding you with Washday posts and pretty protective hairstyles to try since I'm not far into my stretch yet, if you are a newbie feel free to surf every part of this blog. Natural? Beautiful! My sisters Washday posts are also shared on this blog. Make good use of the posts I put up in the tabs above about starting your healthy hair journey, detangling and all.

You can guess that I'm very happy today right?! It's not just because of a bomb protectivestle I have on now but for the fact that this blog is Turing a year old in a week time and it will also mark my 2year healthy hair journey. I didn't do a length check my last relaxer and believe me I'm not bothered about the current length but I will definitely be doing a blow-dry to straighten my hair and will put up 2 year comparison pics! Watch this space because lots of inspiration are coming your way!

Monday, 5 October 2015

How did my wash n go hold up? + Amla oil update

Hey cuties! I swinged by to give you the updates of my wash n go but I also thought to add a few things about the amla oil I have been using on my hair.

First day wash n go

Saturday, 3 October 2015

2nd Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey dearies :-) I was recently nominated for the versatile blogger award for the second time. See previous award post. Though this is a late post I'm still very happy about it. I was nominated by the lovely Modupe who runs two awesome blogs Hairlevation  and  Modhan crotchet for her healthy hair journey and for her crotchet works.

So there are three things involved.
1. Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog which I already did.

2. Nominate 15 New blogger whose blog you read and notify them of the nomination.
I thought so hard for this one because I read so many awesome blogsbut I nominate some of the bloggers who have taken their time to comment on my posts since the beginning of this blog almost a year ago.  They are

*Becca of readysteadygrowit.blogspot.com

3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
- I'm a lover of beans!
- I'm quite a pestering friend when we are really close...
- I do visualize my goals especially when it comes to my hair. I believe they work for me somehow :-)
- I love being creative with the food I prepare because cooking has become a great hobby for me! I share my foodie adventures on my Instagram
- I really wish I had a pet like a little puppy or kitty but my parents don't like pets :-(
- I also love all handcrafts and I encourage people who take out time to do really creative and wonderful things without the aid of machines. When I was in my primary school. I made bead necklaces and earrings, simple crotchet bags and crotchet sweater for my doll! Lol.
-(whispers** don't tell anyone) I get emotional  (and cry) over my hair sometimes. Especially when even at my current length and health of my hair someone still close to me  says I'm wasting my time with my hair and I'm just stressing myself. *sighs*

That's it dearies... In a few days my blog will be a year old and it will also mark 2years of my healthy hair journey. This is just to say thank you to all those who read my blog, follow me on social media and take time to leave your awesome comments.
*much love*