Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Apologies for being absent...will be back soon

Hello cuties! whats been on? hope your hair journey is going smoothly..

I really am sorry for being absent without blogposts for abt 2-3 weeks now... to tell you the truth, its school's fault...lol. I had alot to do and exams coming up... i actually thought i could cope with my blogging and preparing for exams untill i found out that its been so long since i shared a post.

Washdays have passed, fruit fridays have passed and ya'll didnt miss much of that because i took a single fruit instead of a fruit mix. I have also purchased some new products which i will be giving their reviews soon (nobody told me i was becoming a product junkie...hehehe!).

Heres a shocker for you guys - i decided to stop wearing wigs! Now dont get me wrong wigs are a great way to retain growth and a lovely protective style to keep you away from everyday restyling infact its what helped me grow from shoulder length to armpit length. I will always advise people to use wigs but now i just want to be without the wigs and wear my natural hair out more frequently. However i'm not going into everyday combing or styling so protective styling is still key. Right now my hair is in 4 big cornrows and thats how it will be till the end of the week.

There you have it...once again my apologies. I will be back soon enough. I appreciate those who visit my blog and share links to my blog on social networks and tell friends...yes healthy hair is a must and it is for everyone so its nice to know that we actually pass on information to other ladies struggling to grow their hair. If you still have problems with beginning you can always mail me juditheresennenna@gmail.com
I'm encouraged when i see comments and page views... (9000+ page views in 3months of blog existence) Thanks for spreading the word and publicising the blog. I really do appreciate.

      Have a blessed week *muah*

Friday, 9 January 2015

Fruit Friday: Pineapple & watermelon fruit mix

Hey cuties! so this is my first fruit friday post. I made this fruit mix today and it consist of pineapple and water melon. We all know that eating good food helps our hair grow from the inside out. This is actually what i have taken for dinner as i just like to take my fruit mix in the evenings...oh and chilled too but i'm back to school and i have no refrigerator here :-( 
why did i choose these fruits? Check this out:

(source: stylecraze)

Hair Benefits Of Watermelon:
Healthy hair depends on a healthy body and
system to a great extent. If your body lacks
certain vital nutrients and minerals, it
adversely affects your hair and scalp, causing
several hair problems like hair loss, thinning,
dandruff, split ends and the like. As far as
watermelon is concerned, its nutritional value
can be beneficial for your hair. Here’s how:

Promotes hair growth:
Watermelon contains abundant amount of a
phytonutrients called citrulline. These help
increase the level of arginine in the body.
Arginine is an amino acid that improves blood
circulation in the scalp, thus promoting hair
growth. Moreover, the Viagra effect of
watermelons keeps the blood pumping to your
scalp. This helps provide with the proteins
and minerals that encourage hair growth.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon:
As a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A,
vitamin B6, vitamin B1, magnesium and
potassium and low in calories, the benefits of
watermelon for health are as follows.

Pineapple is regarded as the king of tropical fruits. It’s full of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C,
manganese, copper, potassium, beta-carotene,
folic acid and dietary fibers
It is also a good source of antioxidants which helps promote blood flow to the scalp.

Another reason why i used watermelon is to help calm the harsh taste of pineapple. Some people dislike this fruit because of the reaction to their tongue. If the watermelon in the fruit mix is more than the pineapple eating the friuts at once would help ease the irritation. But this is one sweet and nutrient packed fruit mix that you should try!



Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome to 2015... My Goals for the year!

what are your plans for 2015
Welcome to 2015!!! I'm super happy that God kept us alive till this day... its not by our power. Early this morning my family Got a message that someone had died. She didnt even see today 2015. So if you are alive be thankful to God for his guidiance and protection in your life.

To the first post of the year...
I sat back and accessed my hair journey and my overall health and realised that i havent been healthy during the last months of 2014. So here are my goals for next year both health wise and hair wise...lol

* Eat healthy
   This is to try as much as possible to eat healthy foods and to limit the intake of junk food that dont add much to our diet.

*Eat more fruits and veggies
Fruits used to be a big part of my regimen when i started out... infact i had fruit fridays and i will bring it back. I will also publish the fruits combination and give the recipies so you can make them...but its usuall simple.

* Drink more water
I have been dehydrated so many times in the past four weeks and its time to bounce back. water is essential for healthy hair and body. I will at least drink 6 glasses of water per day.

* Exercise
This is also essential because it increases blood circulation to all parts of the body including the scalp and therefore stimulates hairgrowth. I will try as much as possible to exercise wether its yoga or another form of exercise once per week.

*Be consistent with my regimen. 
consistency is the key to achieving and maintaing healthy hair..i wouldnt want to miss my weekly washdays because they keep my hair healthy. I would also bring back proper tea rinsing and cowashing all of which will be detailed on the blog

*Finger detangling
This is a big deal in my regimen and i will remain stead fast with it in 2015. 

*Get thicker full brastrap length hair by the end of 2015.

*Improve on my blog
If you regularly visit you would notice that the blog has improved... it no longer looks a bit childish..lol and you can now subscribe! Alot of beneficial and fun posts will also be up so do subscribe and feel free to share your thoughts by commenting or sending me an email. 

Thats it cuties...those are my goals/plans for 2015. 

What are your plans/goals for 2015?
                   *much love*