Monday, 28 September 2015

Wash day experience: wash and go On TEXLAXED Hair!

Hey dearies! hope we are having an awesome week?!
I'm getting used to having a hairstyle for 3 days and then throwing my hair up in a Bun for the rest of the week. I don't know why but the past weeks I haven't really bothered about keeping my hairstyle for up to a week. Maybe it's because I'm beginning to love the look, texture and thickness of my bun. It has become a style of its own.

I look forward to this when it's close to the weekend 
All I have been doing during the week is moisturizing every two days, scalp oiling and scalp massage every two days. About moisturizing... I have to let you know this. With continuous use of my lusters Scurl no drip moisturiser it's just not doing things right. Like there's an oily and dry feeling it starts to have in my hair which I don't really like. Then I found out that it was a new formula and the old formula was the Holy grail and so many people don't like this new formula (why can't companies just leave their products alone?) Of course it softens my new growth and aids detangling but I still feel like I haven't found that best moisturiser yet.

Moving on, Washday happened at the beginning of the week.
 I followed my usual Washday procedure which is:
(1) Prepoo (I did a hot oil treatment with my oil mix)
(2) Shampoo
(3) Deep condition

Deep conditioning (Ignore the embarrassing pimple sitting on my nose! ) 

(4)Rinse out, wrap head for 30mins...apply moisturizer and detangle.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Washday Experience: Got it right this time!

Hey dearies! So I got a few suggestions and tips based on my last flexi rod attempt which was a fail. One thing I'd like to point out is that I actually was planning to achieve a different curl pattern from my previous flexi rod sets which you can find Here. You will also find a pic of my flexi rod set which I didn't get to post Right here.  If you follow my blog you'll know that I get good results wrapping my hair vertically on the rods. My curiosity lead me to a fail :-) 

A friend directed me to a this video where I got the most important tip. To start on dry hair! It never hit me, believe it or not I always start what ever set I do (flexi rods, bantu knot, rollerset) on damp or wet hair.  It made so much sense to start on dry hair, especially when it takes my hair forever to dry.  Do check out the video as you may pic out other tips from it as well as learn how to style your hair if you have shorter hair. 

For this Washday I started off by doing a hot oil treatment. I left the oil on my hair (covered with a processing cap) for 30mins then I took it down and applied the amla mud from my home made Amla oil. The experience...

My hair felt strengthened. Like I feared it was getting stiff but it wasn't. It just felt a bit strong if I put it that way. For a minute I thought this isn't right girl, stop! But I pulled myself together and applied all over my hair in four sections and braided each carefully. Put on my processing cap and let It sit for another 30mins.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Washday post relaxer: Another flexi rod fail?

The Wash Day Experience

Hey dearies... This is my first Washday recap after my relaxer day. I washed my hair at 1week plus after relaxing. I loved that my hair was straight for the week. I wore it down most days. I had the chance to really enjoy my hair and I got more of the 'is that your hair?, your hair is long o! ' (and I was all smiles *big grin*) 

The day before Washday I decided to mix up my Deep conditioners. Something I rarely do with deep conditioners... I really don't ever plan on mixing protein and moisture deep Conditioners because I don't think they will have their full effects if used alone but mixing two moisturizing conditioners, I thought it would improve on the moisturizing potential of the two. Well find out if it did. 
What I did was mix up Elasta Qp DPR 11 penetrating conditioner (full) with ORS replenishing (almost full bottle) conditioner and avocado oil (5 table spoons). 

Friday, 11 September 2015

My Home made Amla oil

In November of 2014 while I was just taking a stroll with a friend I stopped by a cosmetic store that had some hair conditioners and detanglers as well. I bought a detangler and as I turned to leave a small pack with a the picture of a woman with long hair caught my attention. The name on the pack read; Amla oil 100%. I was overjoyed seeing The much talked about Amla oil and so searched for the price tag and it was written N800.  The woman asked me what it was and I told her it's oil used by Indians for hair growth. I told her I didn't have enough money for it  so I'm going to get More money and come back immediately. She agreed.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

30 Days Of Hot oil Treatments Challenge

What's good dearies?! Last month I joined Jeni of just grow already and Diva Chyk of Relaxed thairapy blogs for 30 days of protective styling. This month they have presented another challenge and it's 30days of hot oil treatments challenge. This challenge is to bring us back to the wonderful benefits of hot oil treatments. To join in and find out more about the challenge click HERE

Truth be told, I have really slacked on doing hot oil treatments. Most of the time I just apply the oil to my hair as a prepoo without heating it up first. It made a big difference when I heated up my scalp massage oil (made it warm by placing my applicator bottle in a cup of hot water) before applying on my scalp. The thickness of the castor oil reduced quite a bit and the oil spread more on my scalp as opposed to when it's cool.

 For this challenge I will be doing hot oil treatments overnight as a prepoo and heating the oil up first. My oils of choice are:

The plain bottle contain a mix of all 3 oils

*Avocado oil +Olive oil plus +castor oil mix

My Amla oil

*Amla oil to my scalp

I didn't purchase the amla oil instead I made my own Amla oil.  I will put up a post on how I made it pretty soon and this will be my scalp oil for the remaining months of this year.

What hair challenges are you currently on?

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Natural Hair Update

Where are my naturalistas at? :-D This post should have been a bantu knot out post on natural hair. In fact, I had detailed every step down but the hair didn't get dry by the time we took down the knots. I'll do another one some other day and maybe try very small sections to allow the hair dry so much faster.

The partings and shape of this style is from the failed bantu knot out.

So close to Armpit length! 

We took the opportunity to do a length check. I can't help but notice that her hair is well past her chin and we are sure to get to Armpit length by December this year. I will be flat ironing her hair for the length check in December. Keep in mind that I haven't blow dried or straightened her hair since the beginning of the year. More specifically since October last year. :-)

You can find her hair regimen HERE
It has been edited to add new products and pictures of the products. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Relaxer Update

So I didn't make it to 20weeks post. However, I relaxed my hair at 19 weeks post relaxer. I think we are getting better at relaxer stretching *big grin*

 I started by detangling my hair the night before relaxer day. I Sectioned my hair into 4 and sprayed some detangler (Mane n tail detangler) to each of the four quadrants and detangled gently, a section at a time. I used my fingers first and then used a comb.Detangling wasn't much of a hassle for me but I had mostly clumped strands which I separated gently Then the next day I followed my relaxer routine which you can findHERE Application  and smoothening took me 15minutes.