Thursday, 31 December 2015

Top 5 posts of 2015 + End of year Length check!

Complements of the season to you all!! 

Hello my loves :-) I hope the year 2015 is ending on a good note for you? I hope it's ending with joy in your hearts?  If not believe that 2016 will bring nothing but the best for us all, in all areas of our life, Amen!

So this post is one which I'm quite happy to write because it made me reflect on all I have been doing with my hair throughout the year 2015. I went through all of the posts I've written in search of my top 5 posts and it was a tough one for me. It was a clash between the posts you love and the posts I love but I must admit that my best posts came from my protective styling posts and my hair talk post. I tried my best to keep up with not only weekly wash days but the protective styles that follows for the benefits of ladies like me who prefer to wear only their hair.

Here are my top 5 posts of 2015 (click on the highlighted name of the post to read)

Monday, 28 December 2015

Product review- Ultra Black Hair

Hey dearies! Complements of the season to you all!  I hope everyone is having a blessed celebration. This is more of a product review post of some products I've been using lately.

I was sent these goodies from the Ultra Black hair products line to try out and I promise you that what you are about to read is a honest review of these products. The Ultra black hair company was founded by a black woman named Cathy Howse.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Relaxer update: Big Trim - Back to Armpit Length

Screams happily! Lol

So I finally got the courage to not only trim off those thin ends but I also flat ironed my hair... All by myself! *big grin*

(my sincere apologies to you my dear readers who have been waiting for this post since I shared some pictures of my trim on installation. The delay wasn't intentional I had a lot of problems adding pictures to this post and to top it all my new phone wasn't working well. I hope you understand :-)) 

Now I know you're probably  thinking, what's the big deal? Well flat ironing my hair all by myself feels like a big achievement to me lol. I simply got tired of seeing my ends look thin and break off by the day so I went out in search of my usual relaxer; ORS  no lye relaxer. Unluckily I didn't find it anywhere in the stores in my area.  I literally walked into all the stores  in my area but to no avail. At the last shop (a supermarket actually) I decided I'll still relax that day and so I got the one relaxer that caught my eye.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hey loves! Very big thank You to the ladies who gave their contributions on my first hair talk post. I really appreciate your comments. 

This Washday experience is coming a bit late because i lost my phone (it was stolen at my a 'lady'). So its almost 3weeks late.  Honestly I thought it would take a long time before I got a new one but my mum knew i had to get a new one very soon because i blog with it and basically do everything with it. So i'm back with my regular blog posts.

I followed the same Washday routine but I decided that I have enough new growth for me to stop fussing around with my hair. Washing weekly and creating (sometines copying.. Hehe) protective styles weekly or every 5 days. It's 2months since my last relaxer and 2months to my next relaxer so I feel like I've reached that Mark where I should sit Tight and adjust my seat belts so I can have an awesome set back free ride. This doesn't mean I wount try out some really nice styles but could be one or two.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hair talk: what works for you may not work for me. What does this mean?

Hey loves! Hope you're doing okay? This post isn't the usual Washday post or tips n tricks... Its kinda like a rambling post but I'm actually trying to point out something to you and I hope you get what I mean by the time you finish reading this. I may be writing on some topics from my own point of view. I'll try to keep up with this one on Tuesdays :-)

Some weeks ago I was added to a group chat which comprised of my classmates from secondary school. I got to chat with some friends and we shared pics too and I noticed that they wore mostly weaves... (I shouldn't talk about their real hair... That's another story Entirely). It was already close to my 2yrs hhj anniversary and I decided to tell them about my hair so far.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Washday Experience: A new twist to same Ole Bob

This week's protective style

Hey dearies! I'm back with another Washday post. This one was quite smooth sailing. Before I begin, I had alot of feedback regarding my previous protective style  before my hairniversary. For those of you who really want to try the style but you don't know how long it would last, mine lasted for 5 days. I took it down for my hairniversary Washday because I wanted to blow dry my hair.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Juditherese Haircare Blog is 1 + 2year hhj hairniversary!!

Hey cuties! I'm beyond happy to announce that This blog is now a year old!

Oh my! How time flies! I remember writing my first post like it was yesterday. Did you know I have written over 70 posts since I started blogging? I looked up my page views and it's over 23,000! You guys are amazing! Thank you for always coming over to see what's going on in my little space on the Web :-)

On another note... It's my 2year healthy hair journey anniversary! *twirls 5 times*. It was actually yesterday but I couldn't get to post this. I had my usual Washday routine and I did a blow-dry using the tension method on warm air. Then I finished By blasting with cool air. The only leave ins I used on my hair prior to blow drying was my Lotta body moisturize me curl and style milk and I sealed with Avocado oil. I had to use those because my heat protectant serum (mega growth hi shine polish serum) slipped from my hand and broke. I plan to replace it soon.

But I have a really soft spot for lottabody now. See how good my hair looks! And it was really soft and moisturised.

Oct. 2015, 2year mark

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Amla mud on natural hair + high puff!

For my naturalistas this Washday I tried amla mask on my sisters natural hair. The mask I mean is the residue mud (amla+oil) left over when the oil was decanted from the mixture.

 Washday started by taking out her threaded hairstyle. Her hair was straight which made finger detangling easier. All I did was spray some Mane n tail detangler before working on the sections and I put each finished section into a ponytail (4 in total).

Friday, 9 October 2015

Washday experience: Hella cute protective style!

Hey beauties! and hey handsome! :-) Yes there are guys who read my blog too *I wonder when they will give me a Holla or comment... If you are reading this pls do (blows kiss)*

Enough of that silly rant lol. While I plan to be bombarding you with Washday posts and pretty protective hairstyles to try since I'm not far into my stretch yet, if you are a newbie feel free to surf every part of this blog. Natural? Beautiful! My sisters Washday posts are also shared on this blog. Make good use of the posts I put up in the tabs above about starting your healthy hair journey, detangling and all.

You can guess that I'm very happy today right?! It's not just because of a bomb protectivestle I have on now but for the fact that this blog is Turing a year old in a week time and it will also mark my 2year healthy hair journey. I didn't do a length check my last relaxer and believe me I'm not bothered about the current length but I will definitely be doing a blow-dry to straighten my hair and will put up 2 year comparison pics! Watch this space because lots of inspiration are coming your way!

Monday, 5 October 2015

How did my wash n go hold up? + Amla oil update

Hey cuties! I swinged by to give you the updates of my wash n go but I also thought to add a few things about the amla oil I have been using on my hair.

First day wash n go

Saturday, 3 October 2015

2nd Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey dearies :-) I was recently nominated for the versatile blogger award for the second time. See previous award post. Though this is a late post I'm still very happy about it. I was nominated by the lovely Modupe who runs two awesome blogs Hairlevation  and  Modhan crotchet for her healthy hair journey and for her crotchet works.

So there are three things involved.
1. Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog which I already did.

2. Nominate 15 New blogger whose blog you read and notify them of the nomination.
I thought so hard for this one because I read so many awesome blogsbut I nominate some of the bloggers who have taken their time to comment on my posts since the beginning of this blog almost a year ago.  They are

*Becca of

3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
- I'm a lover of beans!
- I'm quite a pestering friend when we are really close...
- I do visualize my goals especially when it comes to my hair. I believe they work for me somehow :-)
- I love being creative with the food I prepare because cooking has become a great hobby for me! I share my foodie adventures on my Instagram
- I really wish I had a pet like a little puppy or kitty but my parents don't like pets :-(
- I also love all handcrafts and I encourage people who take out time to do really creative and wonderful things without the aid of machines. When I was in my primary school. I made bead necklaces and earrings, simple crotchet bags and crotchet sweater for my doll! Lol.
-(whispers** don't tell anyone) I get emotional  (and cry) over my hair sometimes. Especially when even at my current length and health of my hair someone still close to me  says I'm wasting my time with my hair and I'm just stressing myself. *sighs*

That's it dearies... In a few days my blog will be a year old and it will also mark 2years of my healthy hair journey. This is just to say thank you to all those who read my blog, follow me on social media and take time to leave your awesome comments.
*much love*

Monday, 28 September 2015

Wash day experience: wash and go On TEXLAXED Hair!

Hey dearies! hope we are having an awesome week?!
I'm getting used to having a hairstyle for 3 days and then throwing my hair up in a Bun for the rest of the week. I don't know why but the past weeks I haven't really bothered about keeping my hairstyle for up to a week. Maybe it's because I'm beginning to love the look, texture and thickness of my bun. It has become a style of its own.

I look forward to this when it's close to the weekend 
All I have been doing during the week is moisturizing every two days, scalp oiling and scalp massage every two days. About moisturizing... I have to let you know this. With continuous use of my lusters Scurl no drip moisturiser it's just not doing things right. Like there's an oily and dry feeling it starts to have in my hair which I don't really like. Then I found out that it was a new formula and the old formula was the Holy grail and so many people don't like this new formula (why can't companies just leave their products alone?) Of course it softens my new growth and aids detangling but I still feel like I haven't found that best moisturiser yet.

Moving on, Washday happened at the beginning of the week.
 I followed my usual Washday procedure which is:
(1) Prepoo (I did a hot oil treatment with my oil mix)
(2) Shampoo
(3) Deep condition

Deep conditioning (Ignore the embarrassing pimple sitting on my nose! ) 

(4)Rinse out, wrap head for 30mins...apply moisturizer and detangle.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Washday Experience: Got it right this time!

Hey dearies! So I got a few suggestions and tips based on my last flexi rod attempt which was a fail. One thing I'd like to point out is that I actually was planning to achieve a different curl pattern from my previous flexi rod sets which you can find Here. You will also find a pic of my flexi rod set which I didn't get to post Right here.  If you follow my blog you'll know that I get good results wrapping my hair vertically on the rods. My curiosity lead me to a fail :-) 

A friend directed me to a this video where I got the most important tip. To start on dry hair! It never hit me, believe it or not I always start what ever set I do (flexi rods, bantu knot, rollerset) on damp or wet hair.  It made so much sense to start on dry hair, especially when it takes my hair forever to dry.  Do check out the video as you may pic out other tips from it as well as learn how to style your hair if you have shorter hair. 

For this Washday I started off by doing a hot oil treatment. I left the oil on my hair (covered with a processing cap) for 30mins then I took it down and applied the amla mud from my home made Amla oil. The experience...

My hair felt strengthened. Like I feared it was getting stiff but it wasn't. It just felt a bit strong if I put it that way. For a minute I thought this isn't right girl, stop! But I pulled myself together and applied all over my hair in four sections and braided each carefully. Put on my processing cap and let It sit for another 30mins.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Washday post relaxer: Another flexi rod fail?

The Wash Day Experience

Hey dearies... This is my first Washday recap after my relaxer day. I washed my hair at 1week plus after relaxing. I loved that my hair was straight for the week. I wore it down most days. I had the chance to really enjoy my hair and I got more of the 'is that your hair?, your hair is long o! ' (and I was all smiles *big grin*) 

The day before Washday I decided to mix up my Deep conditioners. Something I rarely do with deep conditioners... I really don't ever plan on mixing protein and moisture deep Conditioners because I don't think they will have their full effects if used alone but mixing two moisturizing conditioners, I thought it would improve on the moisturizing potential of the two. Well find out if it did. 
What I did was mix up Elasta Qp DPR 11 penetrating conditioner (full) with ORS replenishing (almost full bottle) conditioner and avocado oil (5 table spoons). 

Friday, 11 September 2015

My Home made Amla oil

In November of 2014 while I was just taking a stroll with a friend I stopped by a cosmetic store that had some hair conditioners and detanglers as well. I bought a detangler and as I turned to leave a small pack with a the picture of a woman with long hair caught my attention. The name on the pack read; Amla oil 100%. I was overjoyed seeing The much talked about Amla oil and so searched for the price tag and it was written N800.  The woman asked me what it was and I told her it's oil used by Indians for hair growth. I told her I didn't have enough money for it  so I'm going to get More money and come back immediately. She agreed.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

30 Days Of Hot oil Treatments Challenge

What's good dearies?! Last month I joined Jeni of just grow already and Diva Chyk of Relaxed thairapy blogs for 30 days of protective styling. This month they have presented another challenge and it's 30days of hot oil treatments challenge. This challenge is to bring us back to the wonderful benefits of hot oil treatments. To join in and find out more about the challenge click HERE

Truth be told, I have really slacked on doing hot oil treatments. Most of the time I just apply the oil to my hair as a prepoo without heating it up first. It made a big difference when I heated up my scalp massage oil (made it warm by placing my applicator bottle in a cup of hot water) before applying on my scalp. The thickness of the castor oil reduced quite a bit and the oil spread more on my scalp as opposed to when it's cool.

 For this challenge I will be doing hot oil treatments overnight as a prepoo and heating the oil up first. My oils of choice are:

The plain bottle contain a mix of all 3 oils

*Avocado oil +Olive oil plus +castor oil mix

My Amla oil

*Amla oil to my scalp

I didn't purchase the amla oil instead I made my own Amla oil.  I will put up a post on how I made it pretty soon and this will be my scalp oil for the remaining months of this year.

What hair challenges are you currently on?

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Natural Hair Update

Where are my naturalistas at? :-D This post should have been a bantu knot out post on natural hair. In fact, I had detailed every step down but the hair didn't get dry by the time we took down the knots. I'll do another one some other day and maybe try very small sections to allow the hair dry so much faster.

The partings and shape of this style is from the failed bantu knot out.

So close to Armpit length! 

We took the opportunity to do a length check. I can't help but notice that her hair is well past her chin and we are sure to get to Armpit length by December this year. I will be flat ironing her hair for the length check in December. Keep in mind that I haven't blow dried or straightened her hair since the beginning of the year. More specifically since October last year. :-)

You can find her hair regimen HERE
It has been edited to add new products and pictures of the products. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Relaxer Update

So I didn't make it to 20weeks post. However, I relaxed my hair at 19 weeks post relaxer. I think we are getting better at relaxer stretching *big grin*

 I started by detangling my hair the night before relaxer day. I Sectioned my hair into 4 and sprayed some detangler (Mane n tail detangler) to each of the four quadrants and detangled gently, a section at a time. I used my fingers first and then used a comb.Detangling wasn't much of a hassle for me but I had mostly clumped strands which I separated gently Then the next day I followed my relaxer routine which you can findHERE Application  and smoothening took me 15minutes.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Wash day @18 weeks post (last wash day of this relaxer stretch)/product haul review!

Product Haul

Hey dearies! So I got some new products. My hair journey will be 2 years in October and I thought this was a better time for me to get some really great products for my general hair care.

The products I got are:
*Elasta Qp DPR 11 penetrating conditioner
*Trader Joe's nourish spa conditioner
*Lotta body moisture me curl and style milk for my bantu knots, flexi rods and twist outs
*Beautiful textures curl defining pudding (for my sister) for the same purpose of the Lotta body.
*Mane n tail detangler (for my sister)
*luster s-curl No drip moisturiser for my sis and I
*kuza end wrap (for rollersets and flexi rod sets)
*16oz Now foods Avocado oil
*Amla and Henna powders
*Some processing caps.
The Jamaican black castor oil is not mine.

Now my initial plan was to start using this products after my relaxer but I wanted to mix and match the deep conditioners so I thought to use them for this wash day to know how they work. I read so many reviews on these products and they were quite good ones. Let's see if they really are that good on my hair!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

The wash day experience, straight hair again!

The Wash Day Experience

Hey dearies! This post is super late. I had my wash day on Monday. I waited till Monday because I wanted to blow dry my hair(which didn't last after all because of constant rain).
 For this wash day I switched my prepoo to a sort of deep conditioning session and didn't make my okra detangler. My hair still felt great afterwards! Here's a recap.

(1)Deep conditioned with a mix of honey, conditioner and olive oil. I applied heat for this deep conditioning with my blow dryer. I just set it to hot and held the blow dryer about 8-10 inches away from my head which I covered with shower cap. I made sure to rotate the blow dryer so the heat can get to most portions of my head and avoid concentrating heat at one spot (if it's concentrated at one spot it may melt the shower cap or expand it). 

(2) I proceeded to detangle my hair with my fingers and followed up with a wide tooth comb. Detangling was quite easy to think that I'm 16weeks post and I didn't use a detangler. The deep conditioning mix made my hair sooo soft! I will intact be doing this more often *big grin*

(3)Shampooed off with my VO5 shampoo and applied VO5 tea thairapy vanilla mint tea clarifying conditioner. wrapped my hair up for about 15 mins.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Hair update @15weeks post relaxer

Hi sweethearts! Hope everyone is doing well?! ... I can officially say that I have entered the boring stage of my relaxer stretch. At 15weeks post relaxer all I want to do is moisturize and seal and leave my hair alone.

I kind of feel like doing a bantu knot or flexi rod like I used to before Will be too much manipulation right now. So this is how I've been wearing my hair since my last wash day. Sometimes I let the hair down for a pony but I guess I've gotten used to putting my hair up
My bun for the week

I have been following my bun routine  and I'm really glad that I haven't had any issues with this relaxer stretch. My satin scarf has made it possible for my bun to look neat even with so much new growth. I make sure my hair is balanced; new growth is well moisturised, the length of my hair has enough strength. For the most part, I haven't had issues with breakage. When I'm moisturizing and I run my fingers through my hair I only find long strands of hair with white bulbs on the end (shed hairs).

Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Sunflower love Bun, Tutorial 2: Making the love at the top.

Hey dearies, so this is the continuation of my previous post. If you haven't seen it yet it's a must see so you'll know where we started from and not wonder how to create the back. A direct link to that post is right HERE

To make the love at the top

Step 7: moisturize and detangle the front section and part it into 3

Detangle and section

Step 8: do a flat twist on the middle section and put a pin on the tips so it doesn't unravel.

Flat twist the middle and secure tips with pin

The 'Sunflower love' Bun Tutorial 1: Making the flower Petals.

The Sunflower Love Bun

Hello loves! Happy New month to you all!  I thought a better way to welcome you into this new month of blessings is with a hair tutorial. I made this style with my sisters natural hair, no extensions. I know that I'll probably get sued if I just show you the protective style without telling you how I made it.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Real things that matter (Thankfull)

Sometimes when certain things happen in your life it's a way to bring you back to where you should be and a reminder of how you should live. Last Sunday I didn't witness an accident but it happened to me instead. I'm not sure if I should blame the car that hit us or the bike I was on. I pretty much didn't say anything. I got a bruised knee but I couldn't stop Thanking God because It could have been worse. I was actually out to get some juice for my sis who was sick and I still did. I started to feel the leg pain after I had gotten home and fell sick the next day. Had to be taken to the hospital.

The fear of every thing I could think of came upon me... Like the the demarcation between life and death is so thin... I just know in my heart that I have not done anything yet. I have not touched as many lives Or inspired as many people so now is not the time. Then someone asked me the big question simply because it seemed like it's the biggest thing going on in my life now... (at least in the persons mind) 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to detangle matted natural hair

Hello there!  So this one is for my natural hair ladies or you have a kid with natural hair I figured this would be beneficial for you. If you follow me on instagram (@Juditherese) you've probably seen this picture I posted of my recreation of Kemi Lewis signature hairstyle which she did onstage at the 2015 Naija hair can grow saloon day out. I didn't attend the event and I have never watched her or anyone else do it.... but I was able to reproduce something similar :-) 

Original style on the right,  my sis on the left

Chic right? 

She was supposed to wear the hairstyle for 5 days before we braid it up to prevent shrinkage and tangling. But she fell sick by then and eventually had to leave it on for a week and some days (I also got into a accident and fell sick... Will tell you about that in my next post). So it was as matted and tangled and as shrinked up as it can be. Here's a pic

Sunday, 19 July 2015

This week's protective style... Big Twists at 12weeks post relaxer

Hello there!  I successfully rocked my bantu knots for a complete week! During the week I moisturized my new growth twice.  After that I followed up by oiling my scalp and then did a scalp massage for 5 mins.
I'm really happy that I have been able to completely eliminate the struggle of relaxing at 12weeks (3 months) because so far I haven't had any issue with my new growth. I clearly have up to an inch or more of new growth but I've been able to come this far by moisturizing my new growth regularly And doing protective styles

Day 5 of bantu knotout

So i have another week before my wash day (my wash days is now every 2 weeks) and being the 7th day... My bantu knot out

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Washday plus Mini bantu knot outs

Hi there :-) hope things are going well at your end? I washed my hair this past week end. Before I tell you about washday.... I didn't update you on my mid week moisturising. I actually did but once because I didn't need more. That was because I used something else to moisturise my newgrowth and length of my hair. I used Organics by Africa's best Cholesterol Tea tree oil conditioner.

Now I know you're probably thinking... Isn't this is a deep conditioner? Why is she moisturising her hair with it? Ok,It states in the container that it's Dual (Rinse out plus leave in conditioner).

I have used it on the length of my hair and to tell you the truth, I love it more for moisturising. So this past week I decided to use it on my new growth and it was just what I needed. It got my new growth really soft! Hence, I will definitely be using it for this purpose.

Onto my washday (Yaaay! Lol)
(1)I divided my hair into 7 sections. I needed to work with smaller sections to make things easier for me.
(2) I detangled my hair with my Okra detangler. (I make it the day I want to use it and I use it on washdays only) then I detangled first using my fingers and then I followed up with a wide tooth comb. Then braided up each section

How hair can get so thin when braided :-)

(3) prepooed overninght with olive oil.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Hair Progress Pictures Since 2013 till date

Hello there! It's always good to look back at where you started from. Here's a picture gallery of my journey from neck/shoulder length to Waist Length hair... Be Inspired....

Sunday, 5 July 2015

This weeks Protective style...

Hey loves, so I did my moisturising and sealing today and also oiled my scalp and did a scalp massage. It's exactly a week since I washed my hair and I have been wearing it in a bun since then. If you haven't seen my previous post Pls do because I explained my bun routine and how I moisturise my new growth. I didn't add my 911 leave in this time because my hair still had enough strength.
My new growth @almost 11 weeks post relaxer
When viewing from afar you can clearly see the darker potions closest  to my parting

For this week I decided to put in a halo flat twist...

Friday, 3 July 2015

Hair update.... lets walk this stretch together!

Welcome to the month of July!!! This post is not on my sisters hair update but I had to throw in that pic because #hersmilegivesmelife lol.

Hey lovelies:-) Welcome to the second half of the year 2015!!! For me this year has been amazing... I thank God for the fact that I moved into the second half of the year with my lovely readers as well as my friends and family. Also....without doing so much damage to my hair myself haha!

So, ladies...I'm 10weeks post relaxer and I have 8 (or 10) more weeks to go before I relax my hair. This is where the relaxer stretch starts getting tough because your new growth starts growing in and a dense fro starts forming. What I plan to do on this stretch is to walk you through the remaining eigth weeks of this stretch. I will be doing more regular posts just so you get everything that makes me survive the stretch and hopefully you can attempt stretching your relaxer too :-)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Natural hair Trim, length check and washday

Hey yall, two posts coming up on the same day...hope it isn't too much :-) my sisters hair journey posts have been missing from this blog for a while. This is just a rough length check post plus I did a trim the last time I made her hair. Her last hairstyle was very big threading and i took off roughly between 0.5" - 1" as I threaded.

This trimming method is so easy and you can also use this method for dusting natural hair. Unless you want to get a 'shaped cut' or even blunt end trim then you may have to go to a stylist. However I adjusted my sisters trimming. Regimen to once in 6 months that is twice a year and reguler dusting inbetween (with the same method but take out wayyy less hair...about 0.2 lol)

It was a much needed trim because all we did for a year was dusting. Her ends look better now. So our trim routine will be twice a year

A little length check for you guys..

Update on my Bantu Knot Out plus Hair tips

Hello sweeties, so, remember on my last washday post I did a bantu knot out and I clearly stated that I used absolutely no styling aid or setting lotion or curl definer. While it was my first time doing a curly style without any styling aid (I usualy use lusti organics olive oil holding spray), it wasn't deliberate. I wasn't expecting to have successful curls. It was just a way of airdrying and stretching my hair. You wount believe the curls lasted almost a week! Precisely I took it down myself on the 6th Day! It's the longest any curly style ever lasted for me.

Roller Set

Flexi rod set

Now I did a few things to maintain it...things I normally do except for the last tip I listed.
*when I'm going to bathe I flip my head down and tie my hair up like in the pic below. This helps keep your hair up and out of the way so water doesn't come in contact with the curls.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Win win Washday and my best Bantu knot out ever!

Oh my Gosh! This is my best bantu knot out ever!! (Twirls 5 times :-)

Now let mi tell you how It went down! (Plays a slow captivating song....)

Hey cuties :-) hope all is well?! Dont mind my intro....lolz.
So I finally took down the twists and it created a twist out but I wasn't really interested in, I just wanted to wash my hair because its been like 3weeks

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Mini setback; no part of your regimen is worth skipping.

Hello Dearie's... This post is about my mini setback. Its coming a bit too late... I apologise for that.

It all started few days to my previous relaxer. I experiend scalp flaking at my nape. I tried removing the flakes and I wasn't that successful. Days later I relaxed and all was well. I didn't oil my scalp with any oil for up to 2 weeks and everything was fine. The third week after my relax I decided to start oiling my scalp again but I haven't replaced my castor oil so I decided to use my coconut oil. Coconut oil is not one of my favourite oil and I have had this one for quite a long time. So I did for sometime and the flakes came back. Not dandruff but real flakes. To top it all it itched like hell. I then stopped using it on my scalp and washed my hair a week later (I didn't have time to wash it then because I was preparing for my final predegree exam) for the itching I tied my head up anytime I came back from school. It still itched and I still tapped and scratched but I had a satin material on my head so I didn't hurt my scalp.

Friday, 29 May 2015

OKRA: the effective detangler that only cost me 50bucks

Hello Dearie's :-) seeing the title of this there anyone wondering how on earth someone thought about putting okra on the hair? I stumbled on a post where a blogger used okra for hair as a detangler. I remember Jeni of just grow already at some point in her transition used marshmallow root in her DIY detangler and always praises how it makes detangling her new growth a breeze. And just in case you didn't know marshmallow root is gotten from the marshmallow plant, same as slippery elm, burdock root and flaxseeds (i really dont know if these herbs and roots can be found locally in Nigeria...a reason why okra to me is of great advantage) and these were used because of the high amounts of muscilage they produce. Okra produces such muscilage and another great thing about okra is that it doesn't smell bad or too me its neutral.

Monday, 18 May 2015

How I Texlax For Thicker hair... Full Details


Hey cuties!Been a while... So, in my last relaxer post I mentioned that I would explain my relaxer process. So this is it. The secret to thicker relaxed hair is actually TEXLAXING. That is what I do.

Friday, 1 May 2015

3 Reasons why I wont stop wearing my hair

Hey sweethearts! how you doing? :-) pretty good I bet!

So this post is about the question that may be running through peoples you started your hair journey you've been wearing your hair whether it looks good or not... What's the bling bling about your hair? I mean why don't you switch to a weave or the newest reigning hairstyle?... Hmmm! Lol.

Some days back while I was walking home from school with some friends, one of them told me how a guy that wanted to see me gave a description of me. He said so many things but the one that struck me was when he said... "The girl that always wears her hair and makes different fine styles with it (*blush* at this point it was certain he was talking about me. But no I'm not sayingsaying that I'm the only girl that wear my hair in the whole of uniport but its just something significant because a lot of people complement me with giving the fact that I style it. So why have I suddenly forgotten about extensions, weaves and recently dropped are some of my reasons.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy Birthday to me!


Hey cuties :-) Guess what? Aiit you've already seen the title... Lol... Its my birthdayyyyyyyy! 

I'm beyond happy that God has kept me alive thus far. Today's marks the beginning of my 19th year on earth. I can only thank God for everything that has happened the past year and most especially for my hhj. 

This month also marks 6months of blogging. Believe me I still have so much to write about and I don't plan to abandon my blog at all. To all of you who read my blog consistently, comment