Saturday, 30 January 2016

Early Relaxer/Texlax update

My hair 80% air dried after relaxer touch up

Hey dearies! Been a while, I started strong with washday themes for this month but fell off with posting the washday posts because I had occupied my time with school activities.  The past week has really been stressful for me. I was sure that this stress would affect the health of my hair because I wouldn't have the patience  (and energy) to work with my hair.  I'm 10 weeks and 5days post relaxer with 11 weeks worth of very under processed hair from my previous relaxer so parting my hair for moisturising and detangling in general became tedious to me.

Friday, 8 January 2016

First curls for the year!

The Wash Day Experience
Hello my loves! This year is starting off on a good note for me, I hope it's same for you too :-) so this is supposed to come as a washday post but I didn't wash my hair.

I got so tired of having my hair straight from the flat ironing. Like I prefer wearing and seeing my hair curly than straight (don't get me wrong I mean 'curly' not kinky so going natural is so far from happening lol). So I set my mind on doing a Bantu knot out and then I saw that Jeni of just grow already blog and KLP of saving our strands blog already drafted out the washday themes for the month of January and the first week is in my favour! Yaaaay!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!.... My Goals for the new year!

It was almost midnight and we were about to begin a new year... 2016. So I laid on my couch and watched the clock as it ticked until it hit the mark (this is what I do every new year day)  Wow, I'm no longer in 2015?! It's now 2016... Obviously the dates have changed too. I was still there when I closed my eyes to pray. To Thank God for the months, days, hours and the past minute that I now call last year. I took time to reminiscence on all that had happened. The good, bad and fairly OK times. After concluding my prayer I tried to picture with my minds eyes how 2016 would be, but, I went blank.