Friday, 29 May 2015

OKRA: the effective detangler that only cost me 50bucks

Hello Dearie's :-) seeing the title of this there anyone wondering how on earth someone thought about putting okra on the hair? I stumbled on a post where a blogger used okra for hair as a detangler. I remember Jeni of just grow already at some point in her transition used marshmallow root in her DIY detangler and always praises how it makes detangling her new growth a breeze. And just in case you didn't know marshmallow root is gotten from the marshmallow plant, same as slippery elm, burdock root and flaxseeds (i really dont know if these herbs and roots can be found locally in Nigeria...a reason why okra to me is of great advantage) and these were used because of the high amounts of muscilage they produce. Okra produces such muscilage and another great thing about okra is that it doesn't smell bad or too me its neutral.

Monday, 18 May 2015

How I Texlax For Thicker hair... Full Details


Hey cuties!Been a while... So, in my last relaxer post I mentioned that I would explain my relaxer process. So this is it. The secret to thicker relaxed hair is actually TEXLAXING. That is what I do.

Friday, 1 May 2015

3 Reasons why I wont stop wearing my hair

Hey sweethearts! how you doing? :-) pretty good I bet!

So this post is about the question that may be running through peoples you started your hair journey you've been wearing your hair whether it looks good or not... What's the bling bling about your hair? I mean why don't you switch to a weave or the newest reigning hairstyle?... Hmmm! Lol.

Some days back while I was walking home from school with some friends, one of them told me how a guy that wanted to see me gave a description of me. He said so many things but the one that struck me was when he said... "The girl that always wears her hair and makes different fine styles with it (*blush* at this point it was certain he was talking about me. But no I'm not sayingsaying that I'm the only girl that wear my hair in the whole of uniport but its just something significant because a lot of people complement me with giving the fact that I style it. So why have I suddenly forgotten about extensions, weaves and recently dropped are some of my reasons.