Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Real things that matter (Thankfull)

Sometimes when certain things happen in your life it's a way to bring you back to where you should be and a reminder of how you should live. Last Sunday I didn't witness an accident but it happened to me instead. I'm not sure if I should blame the car that hit us or the bike I was on. I pretty much didn't say anything. I got a bruised knee but I couldn't stop Thanking God because It could have been worse. I was actually out to get some juice for my sis who was sick and I still did. I started to feel the leg pain after I had gotten home and fell sick the next day. Had to be taken to the hospital.

The fear of every thing I could think of came upon me... Like the the demarcation between life and death is so thin... I just know in my heart that I have not done anything yet. I have not touched as many lives Or inspired as many people so now is not the time. Then someone asked me the big question simply because it seemed like it's the biggest thing going on in my life now... (at least in the persons mind) 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to detangle matted natural hair

Hello there!  So this one is for my natural hair ladies or you have a kid with natural hair I figured this would be beneficial for you. If you follow me on instagram (@Juditherese) you've probably seen this picture I posted of my recreation of Kemi Lewis signature hairstyle which she did onstage at the 2015 Naija hair can grow saloon day out. I didn't attend the event and I have never watched her or anyone else do it.... but I was able to reproduce something similar :-) 

Original style on the right,  my sis on the left

Chic right? 

She was supposed to wear the hairstyle for 5 days before we braid it up to prevent shrinkage and tangling. But she fell sick by then and eventually had to leave it on for a week and some days (I also got into a accident and fell sick... Will tell you about that in my next post). So it was as matted and tangled and as shrinked up as it can be. Here's a pic

Sunday, 19 July 2015

This week's protective style... Big Twists at 12weeks post relaxer

Hello there!  I successfully rocked my bantu knots for a complete week! During the week I moisturized my new growth twice.  After that I followed up by oiling my scalp and then did a scalp massage for 5 mins.
I'm really happy that I have been able to completely eliminate the struggle of relaxing at 12weeks (3 months) because so far I haven't had any issue with my new growth. I clearly have up to an inch or more of new growth but I've been able to come this far by moisturizing my new growth regularly And doing protective styles

Day 5 of bantu knotout

So i have another week before my wash day (my wash days is now every 2 weeks) and being the 7th day... My bantu knot out

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Washday plus Mini bantu knot outs

Hi there :-) hope things are going well at your end? I washed my hair this past week end. Before I tell you about washday.... I didn't update you on my mid week moisturising. I actually did but once because I didn't need more. That was because I used something else to moisturise my newgrowth and length of my hair. I used Organics by Africa's best Cholesterol Tea tree oil conditioner.

Now I know you're probably thinking... Isn't this is a deep conditioner? Why is she moisturising her hair with it? Ok,It states in the container that it's Dual (Rinse out plus leave in conditioner).

I have used it on the length of my hair and to tell you the truth, I love it more for moisturising. So this past week I decided to use it on my new growth and it was just what I needed. It got my new growth really soft! Hence, I will definitely be using it for this purpose.

Onto my washday (Yaaay! Lol)
(1)I divided my hair into 7 sections. I needed to work with smaller sections to make things easier for me.
(2) I detangled my hair with my Okra detangler. (I make it the day I want to use it and I use it on washdays only) then I detangled first using my fingers and then I followed up with a wide tooth comb. Then braided up each section

How hair can get so thin when braided :-)

(3) prepooed overninght with olive oil.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Hair Progress Pictures Since 2013 till date

Hello there! It's always good to look back at where you started from. Here's a picture gallery of my journey from neck/shoulder length to Waist Length hair... Be Inspired....

Sunday, 5 July 2015

This weeks Protective style...

Hey loves, so I did my moisturising and sealing today and also oiled my scalp and did a scalp massage. It's exactly a week since I washed my hair and I have been wearing it in a bun since then. If you haven't seen my previous post Pls do because I explained my bun routine and how I moisturise my new growth. I didn't add my 911 leave in this time because my hair still had enough strength.
My new growth @almost 11 weeks post relaxer
When viewing from afar you can clearly see the darker potions closest  to my parting

For this week I decided to put in a halo flat twist...

Friday, 3 July 2015

Hair update.... lets walk this stretch together!

Welcome to the month of July!!! This post is not on my sisters hair update but I had to throw in that pic because #hersmilegivesmelife lol.

Hey lovelies:-) Welcome to the second half of the year 2015!!! For me this year has been amazing... I thank God for the fact that I moved into the second half of the year with my lovely readers as well as my friends and family. Also....without doing so much damage to my hair ...by myself haha!

So, ladies...I'm 10weeks post relaxer and I have 8 (or 10) more weeks to go before I relax my hair. This is where the relaxer stretch starts getting tough because your new growth starts growing in and a dense fro starts forming. What I plan to do on this stretch is to walk you through the remaining eigth weeks of this stretch. I will be doing more regular posts just so you get everything that makes me survive the stretch and hopefully you can attempt stretching your relaxer too :-)