Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Natural hair Trim, length check and washday

Hey yall, two posts coming up on the same day...hope it isn't too much :-) my sisters hair journey posts have been missing from this blog for a while. This is just a rough length check post plus I did a trim the last time I made her hair. Her last hairstyle was very big threading and i took off roughly between 0.5" - 1" as I threaded.

This trimming method is so easy and you can also use this method for dusting natural hair. Unless you want to get a 'shaped cut' or even blunt end trim then you may have to go to a stylist. However I adjusted my sisters trimming. Regimen to once in 6 months that is twice a year and reguler dusting inbetween (with the same method but take out wayyy less hair...about 0.2 lol)

It was a much needed trim because all we did for a year was dusting. Her ends look better now. So our trim routine will be twice a year

A little length check for you guys..

Update on my Bantu Knot Out plus Hair tips

Hello sweeties, so, remember on my last washday post I did a bantu knot out and I clearly stated that I used absolutely no styling aid or setting lotion or curl definer. While it was my first time doing a curly style without any styling aid (I usualy use lusti organics olive oil holding spray), it wasn't deliberate. I wasn't expecting to have successful curls. It was just a way of airdrying and stretching my hair. You wount believe the curls lasted almost a week! Precisely I took it down myself on the 6th Day! It's the longest any curly style ever lasted for me.

Roller Set

Flexi rod set

Now I did a few things to maintain it...things I normally do except for the last tip I listed.
*when I'm going to bathe I flip my head down and tie my hair up like in the pic below. This helps keep your hair up and out of the way so water doesn't come in contact with the curls.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Win win Washday and my best Bantu knot out ever!

Oh my Gosh! This is my best bantu knot out ever!! (Twirls 5 times :-)

Now let mi tell you how It went down! (Plays a slow captivating song....)

Hey cuties :-) hope all is well?! Dont mind my intro....lolz.
So I finally took down the twists and it created a twist out but I wasn't really interested in, I just wanted to wash my hair because its been like 3weeks

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Mini setback; no part of your regimen is worth skipping.

Hello Dearie's... This post is about my mini setback. Its coming a bit too late... I apologise for that.

It all started few days to my previous relaxer. I experiend scalp flaking at my nape. I tried removing the flakes and I wasn't that successful. Days later I relaxed and all was well. I didn't oil my scalp with any oil for up to 2 weeks and everything was fine. The third week after my relax I decided to start oiling my scalp again but I haven't replaced my castor oil so I decided to use my coconut oil. Coconut oil is not one of my favourite oil and I have had this one for quite a long time. So I did for sometime and the flakes came back. Not dandruff but real flakes. To top it all it itched like hell. I then stopped using it on my scalp and washed my hair a week later (I didn't have time to wash it then because I was preparing for my final predegree exam) for the itching I tied my head up anytime I came back from school. It still itched and I still tapped and scratched but I had a satin material on my head so I didn't hurt my scalp.