Saturday, 25 March 2017

Comb Free Washday & Trying out some good stuff! (product reviews inclusive)

Hi loves, hope you had a blessed week?  I relaxed my hair two weeks ago at 12 weeks post relaxer. I didnt write a post on it because i really didnt do much. Just my normal relaxer routine and length check wasnt for this relaxer day. I'm trying to reduce my flat ironing to twice a year so length checks will also be twice a year.

Wet pony tail, after rising out DC on Relaxer day. I Relaxed with ORS No-lye relaxer kit.

Dry, moisturised double pony tail (the day after relaxing).

For this washday i used entirely new products from start to finish and i love everyone of them. I had you in mind and so i thought, why not write a washday post to share my awesome washday experience.

Neutrogena triple moisture DC, ORS hair Mayonnaise, As I Am so much moisture and As I Am Cleansing pudding.