Sunday, 17 July 2016

Wash day: my new heat cap & loose waves style

The Eco styled gel and hair clamps are for a friend. All products pictured (processing caps and deep conditioning cap) we're purchased from Natural hair Products shop ng.

Hey ladies! I finally got to purchase a deep conditioning cap. Yes I haven't had one since the beginning of my hhj. I however have improvised using other means like; 

*Deep conditioning using body heat where I'll put on a shower cap or two shower caps and sometimes an extra head warmer just to create and trap the heat. I do  this for not less than an hour.

*Using my blow dryer. i just Put on a small plastic bag or a shower cap ...then a bigger plastic bag where I create a hole and insert the nozzle of my blow dryer. 

Thats it....the two ways I've been deep conditioning my hair. Now that I've got this steaming cap my wash days will be cut in half because all I need is 30 mins of Deep conditioning and I proceed to the next step. 

For this washday I,