Sunday, 11 June 2017

Relaxer update: Mid year length check

Hello loves! I'm back but with a relaxer update. I know I said in my last post that I was going to relax my hair at 12 weeks post but a little over 11weeks post and I just couldn't wait any longer! Lol.

I followed my usual relaxer procedures,  I always texlax my hair not relax bone straight. This time I used ORS No-lye relaxer (box type).

Here's a pic of my wet hair after relaxing:

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Almost time for a fresh relaxer?! The past weeks in review

Hey loves! I was just checking my pictures and i decided to check the details of my last relaxer update picture for the date. Counted till this week and it was exactly 11 weeks! Its only a week to relaxer day! Ahdonbilivit! (This year i choose to I texlax my hair not more than every 12 weeks).

Now this is by far the fastest relaxer stretch I ever had. Its also the smoothest, washdays were really few and easy breezy. My protective styling game was also on point. I also did my regular scalp massages with a mix of Jojoba oil + coconut oil + peppermint oil twice weekly.

My washdays were just 4 and comb free too. Because I kept track of this relaxer stretch with pictures I can sum it up as;

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Edge control and taking care of your edges

I never really talk about the edge control that i use so today i will tell you all about it and also how to keep your edges intact while using edge control. I personally do not have baby hairs to lay down but i improvise! Lol. Why not? If not. It looks good on me so i do it for style. 

I began to lay my edges down last year and i have been loving the look. I've used Eco Styler olive oil styling gel (i have run out of this one) and Eco Styler Argan oil Max Hold gel (currently in use). 


Saturday, 1 April 2017

New Blog Series Collab: Ask Tonka and Juditherese, plus a guest feature!

Hey dearies, happy new month to you! May this month be filled with lots of love and blessings!

 I'm really excited to announce that I, Tonka of Wurassecrethair blog and Koyin  the owner of Tresses Salon (a licenced Trichologist) have teamed up to bring you a series on the blog where we would entertain all of your hair related questions. We shall be answering your questions based on our own experience. Feel free to send in all kind of questions so if you have some deep rooted questions or we feel that a particular question needs medical advice we will direct the questions to koyin Owner of Tresses saloon and Tricologist and she will give you her best answer.

Here's a little profile on my collab partners!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Comb Free Washday & Trying out some good stuff! (product reviews inclusive)

Hi loves, hope you had a blessed week?  I relaxed my hair two weeks ago at 12 weeks post relaxer. I didnt write a post on it because i really didnt do much. Just my normal relaxer routine and length check wasnt for this relaxer day. I'm trying to reduce my flat ironing to twice a year so length checks will also be twice a year.

Wet pony tail, after rising out DC on Relaxer day. I Relaxed with ORS No-lye relaxer kit.

Dry, moisturised double pony tail (the day after relaxing).

For this washday i used entirely new products from start to finish and i love everyone of them. I had you in mind and so i thought, why not write a washday post to share my awesome washday experience.

Neutrogena triple moisture DC, ORS hair Mayonnaise, As I Am so much moisture and As I Am Cleansing pudding.