Wednesday, 15 October 2014

DETANGLING... the right way!!

Hello cuties! This is a long post but if you want longer hair its a must read!
What is detangling?
Answer: combing!
Its simply the process of combing thereby separating the hair strands from curling onto each other. It also aids better distribution of products applied to the hair.
Hair can be detangled either by:
*using combs
*using your fingers (finger detangling)
  If you detangle using combs its best to use a wide tooth comb and not use a metal comb. Do not use fine tooth (rat tail) combs for detangling.
How do you detangle your hair the right way?
  This is a big question because how you detangle your hair can help your hair increase in length overtime or decrease in length in no time! so this is how:
(1) Apply a detangling aid. This means applying a product that provides slip for the hair (detangler, moisturiser, an oil, water and glycerine mix).

(2) Sectioning your hair. Put your hair into sections not less than four but as many as you want.
(3) Go over each section with your fingers first separating the hairs repeatedly. Always start from ends to root when detangling never from roots to end (don't put a comb directly on the roots or new growth and pull up start slowly from the tips and comb).
(4) Follow up with a wide tooth comb. To ensure that the section is well detangled comb again gently and starting from the ends. Clip off or twist the section and move onto the next till you are done with all of them. This process may take you time but soon you will be good at it and it will be a breeze. Its better to watch YouTube videos (Naptural85's 3 ways to finger detangle, just grow already's how i detangle) for how to finger detangle or detangle your hair using a wide tooth comb.
Do not detangle your whole head at once and don't rake the comb through your hair from the roots. Start from your ends and always finger detangle first.
How often should i finger detangle my hair?
Not every day or every two days!
If you want longer hair try as much as possible to detangle only on washdays. Put your hair in a protective style so you don't have a reason to want to comb it everyday. When you perfect your finger detangling you will find that the hair lost on washdays will be greatly reduced.
My personal fingerdetangling tip!
A detangling tip that has helped me a lot is knowing your problem areas...that is the more kinky part that gives you a hard time when detangling. When you figure out the section that gives you a hard time section it off and detange it first before moving to the easier portions. Another tip is to take comparison pictures of the hair lost after detangling to know if you are loosing too much hair because you changed your detangling method or you are loosing less hair because its working for you. Its best to do this over a period of 4 or more washdays before accessing your result.
Start yourself on a challenge! Take pictures to show your starting length and put yourself on a hair regimen. Practice finger detangling and always follow up with a wide tooth comb. Limit the use of heat from hair dryers, blow dryers, flat irons instead use natural air to dry your hair.
Let me know if this post helps a sister out!...leave your questions below if any.... :-)
*much love*


  1. Is detangling really combing? I thought combing was just one method of detangling

  2. you are right dear but i just put it in a simple way to be combing.... the other methods of detangling you may mean are detangling with a comb...or your fingers (finger detangling which mimicks using a comb but you are using your fingers instead) or a brush which i dont advice at all hence i listed just two ways of detangling.
    Hope it clears your doubt....
    thanks for checking out my blog:-)