Saturday, 11 October 2014

My technique for maximum length retention

Hello cuties! hope you are having a lovely weekend?
  This weekend post is about my length retention technique and every lady on a hhj will agree to it that good length retention is key to having longer hair. My length retention was infact the first thing i worked on when i began my journey because i figured that if i get it right everything else will fall into place.
   Length retention as the name implies is simply retaining your current length while the new growth comes in. Always remember that your hair grows (at an average of 0.5" could be less or slightly higher per month) and when you get your length retention technique right, boom! you will begin to see improvements in your hair length in a matter of months.

My techniques for better length retention
* keeping my hair in a protective style of twists or braids (done with just my hair) and wearing a wig when i go out.
* moisturising and sealing my hair especially my ends regularly. I oil my ends with castor oil every time i oil my scalp that's every two days and it has helped to reduce dryness and split ends. I have always done this so i never had an issue with split ends.
* I practice exclusive finger detangling. Detangling is one of the main culprits that can drastically reduce your hair length retention if done wrong...could even lead to a set back so getting your detangling technique right is very important.
* deep conditioning also helps me balance moisture in my low porosity hair.
* leaving my hair alone especially deep into a stretch has helped me alot with length retention. I just slap on my wig and dash out of the door when i'm going out instead of combing...styling...and all of that.
* handling my hair like its my most expensive jewellery! (sounds funny right? lol). Handling your hair in an aggressive manner will cause it to tangle and snag when combing or trying to put your hair in a protective style.
* I made sure to totally get rid of my bad haircare practices and you should too. Remember little drops make a mighty ocean, you will love how your hair turns out after months of proper length retention techniques.
   I stress technique over products because i couldn't find the best products but i made sure to use the best techniques and they give me good result. There are also natural products that don't cost much but if u have a good technique of using them they will give you wonderful results. This is for someone starting out on a low budget like me but if you can afford the best products backed up by proper techniques then go for it!
What length retention technique is currently working for you?  share! share!! 

natural hair washday and blow dry post is coming up soon! Don't miss it:-)

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