Thursday, 9 October 2014

Our Relaxed and Natural Hair Regimen

My hair regimen has changed a lot. The first 3months i was on a strict weekly regimen (using mostly DIY home made product) but now i adjust it a bit sometimes. Here's my present regimen: 
Hair type: texlaxed, 4b, medium density, low porosity hair
Starting length: uneven shoulder length hair
Current length: Armpit length
Hair goal: waist length

Products or practices that have a line across them are discontinued 
Products or practices with a (***) in front of them were very recently added. 

I wash every 1 -2 weeks for the first 8 weeks of my relaxer stretch. For the rest weeks of my relaxer stretch (up to weeks 16-20 I wash every 2weeks)

First do a pre shampoo step by massaging warm oil into my scalp and down the length of my hair.

My current prepoo oils 

*rinse out and wrap head with towel for 15mins
*apply deep conditioner (either a moisturising or protein deep conditioner) cover with plastic cap for 30mins-1hr
*rinse out first with cool water then do a tea or coffee  rinse and leave on hair for 5-10mins then a final rinse with cool water and wrap again with towel till slightly damp.
*Apply leave in conditioner or moisturiser, seal with shea butter or serum for blow drying and finger detangle or
*put hair in small twists and allow to air dry.
next day i massage castor oil into my scalp for 2-5mins.
Moisturise my twist every two days and seal with oil.
I Just repeat this washday process every week.

Products i use.
Moisturiser: organics by Africa's best olive oil plus Shea Butter detangling moisturiser
                       ***Luster's S-Curl No drip moisturiser . I seal with olive oil.
Luster S-curl has been discontinued because it doesn't work well for my hair in the long run.

New Addition  (2016) moisturiser - Cantu creamy hair lotion
Leave in Conditioner - Cantu leave in Conditioner

*shampoos: Organic root stimulator creamy aloe shampoo, NaturVital henna shampoo for black hair colour. VO5 moisture milks strawberry and milk shampoo

*Deep conditioners
Protein Deep conditioner: Organics by Africa's best hair mayonnaise
Moisturizing Deep conditioner: organics by Africa's best olive oil deep conditioner plus glycerine mix 
                      *** Elasta Qp DPR 11 penetrating conditioner + ORS replenishing conditioner +Avocado oil (starting from September 2015)

For combined  protein and moisture: Organic Root Stimulator olive oil replenishing conditioner.

Rinse out conditioner: Hair fruits conditioner or VO5 conditioner.

oils i use:
Clear pharmacy castor oil
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Home made carrot oil  ***Home made Amla oil (starting from September 2015)
**palm kernel oil

Other products:
***Lotta body moisturize me curl and style milk  (starting from September 2015) 
Lusti organics holding spray
***Curl formers
Flexi rods
Jumbo rollers and  ***end wrap papers 

It is important to note that there are better products out there feel free to try other products. I also use natural home made products to wash and deep condition my hair just to be free from chemicals once in a while.

Last updated September 2015 

My Sisters Natural Hair Regimen
Hair type: 4c/a, high density, normal porosity hair.
Starting length: twa
current length: shoulder length
Hair goal: full bras trap/midback length
washdays are basically once a month but could be washed in two weeks depending on some factors.

*prepoo or hot oil treatment with coconut oil or a rinse out conditioner
*finger detangle to remove shed hairs
*shampoo with organic root stimulator creamy aloe Shampoo or any VO5 shampoo
*rinse out and wrap head with towel for 10mins

*deep condition with organic root stimulator replenishing conditioner (moisturizing deep conditioner) or Organics by Africa's best hair mayonnaise (for protein)  for 30mins-1hr
*rinse out and wrap head with towel for 15mins.

*spray some detangler and then apply moisturiser seal with shea butter and detangle with a wide tooth comb.
*blow dry or loosely thread in big sections to stretch the hair while it air dries.

Note: we no longer use the s-curl in the pic above because it doesn't work well for our hair.
New Addition  (here updated in June 2016) Cantu leave in Conditioner 

Other products for styling:
Beautiful textures curl defining pudding

Scalp oil:
Castor oil
Amla oil

NOTE: Her hair is always in a braided or threading hairstyle for two weeks then taken off, detangled, moisturise and seal then redone another style (so don't go thinking she leaves in a hairstyle for the whole


  1. Nice blog! I look forward to reading about your progress.

    How did you make the carrot oil? Can you do a post on it?

    Don't Touch The Hair

  2. Yes, I will thanks for stopping by, I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Thanks

  3. Nice hair. I am so jealous of how full your hair is.....


  4. hey!can i make use of the hair mayonnaise (protein treatment) or root stimulator replenishing conditioner which is better in the transitioning stage