Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hi there! thanks for viewing our blog. Long hair is something i fancied right from when i was a kid but growing up, the only long hair i could get was the one from a sewn in weave on. My hair soon became damaged and i knew i had to set things right. On october 2013 i set out on a journey to long hair and i have noticed so much healthy ness and gained so much length in this one year period. I have also learnt a couple of tips and tricks that i would love to share in other to help you grow your hair longer be it natural or relaxed. My sister is natural and i am relaxed but we are on the same quest for long and healthy hair.
It will also be a documentation of our hair journey to track our progress and also inspire you to start your own hair journey. 
 I hope you learn alot from this blog, be motivated and share your thoughts, questions and opinion.