Saturday, 22 April 2017

Edge control and taking care of your edges

I never really talk about the edge control that i use so today i will tell you all about it and also how to keep your edges intact while using edge control. I personally do not have baby hairs to lay down but i improvise! Lol. Why not? If not. It looks good on me so i do it for style. 

I began to lay my edges down last year and i have been loving the look. I've used Eco Styler olive oil styling gel (i have run out of this one) and Eco Styler Argan oil Max Hold gel (currently in use). 

they both work well on my edges but i think its because i am relaxed. It doesn't hold well for my sister who is natural however i have seen some naturals who claim that it works well for them so it doesnt hurt to try. The argan oil type which i am currently using holds better than the olive oil type that i previously used. 

How to care for your edges when using  edge control.

Dont use an applicator brush that has hard bristles. A soft tooth brush will do. If you use a hard brush and you tend to lay your edges down everyday there will be too much stress on the follicles producing the baby hairs or edges hairs and this will cause shedding. As a fact the one time i thought i'd just use a hard tooth brush just this once, it broke some hairs off my edges. 

If you have stubborn edges apply the gel or edge control in the design you prefer and tie it down with a small piece of satin head tie. Leave it to dry and remove the satin. Your edges should be well laid. I've also seen some naturals apply little relaxer to their edges claiming it helps the edges take the edge control better. I'm not saying you should though but if all else doesnt work and you love the look of sleek edges theres no harm in trying it out. Just leave it on enough for it to be texlaxed not bone straight. 

For those of us wanting to grow back our edges, you can get them to grow back by simply adding few drops of an essential oil like Peppermint Esential oil that is known For stimulating hair growth. This will change the colour of the gel to become a bit whitish but it doesnt really show when you apply it. This tip is also fine for those of us who do not have the problem of growing their lost edges back because you sure want to keep your edges still looking healthy and fuller.

Here are a few sweet designs you could do with your hair gel/edge control to complement your hairstyle!

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If youre on the look out to try other amazing brands of gels/edge control, you may want to try one of these !

Pocket friendly edge controls are an amazing innovatiom ! 

There are many more to try. Almost every hair product brand has an edge control or gel because they know the importance of taming those edges.

Which brand of edge control or gel do you currently use ? 

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