Saturday, 3 June 2017

Almost time for a fresh relaxer?! The past weeks in review

Hey loves! I was just checking my pictures and i decided to check the details of my last relaxer update picture for the date. Counted till this week and it was exactly 11 weeks! Its only a week to relaxer day! Ahdonbilivit! (This year i choose to I texlax my hair not more than every 12 weeks).

Now this is by far the fastest relaxer stretch I ever had. Its also the smoothest, washdays were really few and easy breezy. My protective styling game was also on point. I also did my regular scalp massages with a mix of Jojoba oil + coconut oil + peppermint oil twice weekly.

My washdays were just 4 and comb free too. Because I kept track of this relaxer stretch with pictures I can sum it up as;

Relaxer washday.
•1st-2nd weeks post relaxer
Enjoyed my hair out for the first week then protective styled my hair for the second week. Moisturising and sealing mid week and weekends.

•3rd-6th weeks post relaxer
Had Washday then put my hair in crotchet protective style. I didn't wash my hair for the entire weeks I had this style on.

•7th-9th weeks post relaxer
Had wash day and protective styled my hair. Moisturising and sealing as well as scalp massages every mid week and weekends.

•9th-12th weeks post relaxer
Washday and crotchet protective style. When I'm in my crotchet protective style I only do scalp massages.

•Midyear flat ironing and length check:

On my last relaxer I didn't flat iron for a proper length check. This time since its almost midyear I want to see how far I've come. If I'm making progress or not. Its definitely a post you would want to look out for because we will both be wowed and I hope it will be in a good way! No more big trims because of damaged ends. Lol.

I trust that the success of this relaxer stretch will determine if I would have a complete change in my hair regimen. Because the Crotchet protective styling is new to me and I'm yet to balance moisturising and sealing, cleaning my scalp during protective styling and a proper wash schedule. The results will stir me up to have another look at my regimen and put it in a better shape for the growth to take off! You want to grow your hair consistently with protective styling? You might benefit from this :-)

Before the relaxer update, my next post will be extensive. Tonka of Wuras secret hair and I will be answering your hair related questions for last month here on our blogs. Do watch out for that also.

Oh I didn't forget... HAPPY NEW MONTH my Loves :-) Have a blessed one!

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