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I dyed my hair a second time!

Hey loves! Hope you're good? This is a really long post and I'm really sorry about that I hope you have the patience to read it.

 So ladies a couple of things happened between my last post and now. I washed my hair about 2 weeks after dying it and all of the colour came out completely. Fast forward a couple of washes after and there was no colour on my hair except the one left after the peroxide bleaching. I wanted to redye my hair but I thought it may cause damage to dye the hair like back to back so I decided I'd just leave it till after the end of my relaxer stretch.

I relaxed my hair 2weeks ago using ORS relaxer (the sachet type) and while I got my relaxer a also got the box of dye. This time I got the Creme of Nature Exotic shine colour in Intensive red 7.6.
I already resolved not to get the dark and lovely dye again for these reasons:

1. The shade of red wasn't as bright as what I wanted.
2. The colour faded off like after just one wash?! OK two washes since the first wash was done on the relaxer day.
3. Its reviews aren't as positive anyway *shrug*

I bought this dye for N2,500 at Konerstone beauty store, behind kilimanjaro fast food, choba Uniport.

Let's get into the process.
The box of dye contains
•The developer (I think this is the bleach)
•The creme colour
•Argan oil Intensive conditioning treatment
•Argan oil treatment
•Pair of gloves
•Instruction sheet

Strand Test.
Its advised to do a strand test first before applying the full colour to your hair just so u get an idea of how the colour would process and how the End colour may turn out to be.

I took some strands that I kept from finger detangling my hair the previous day. I then took little quantities of the creme developer and the creme hair colour, mixed together in a plastic spoon and applied it to the hair. I kept it covered and with my timer on and I checked it at intervals. The colour changed pretty fast and the colour started to get deeper and darker...I was loving it! Haha.

•At 6mins it was just fairly orangish

•At 13 mins it was bright red

•At 26 mins it was deeper and the red is now darker and more beautiful. The dye instruction said to leave it on for 25 mins for chemically treated hair. At this time I separated some strands, washed it and let it dry. The other strands I kept them back covered to process till about 40mins.

•At 40mins there was no colour change. From wat I saw at 26-30mins but I still left it till an hour just out of curiosity.

•At abt an hour I observed again and there was no difference so I rinsed it off with just water till the colour was no more coming out.

The small brown strands wasn't coloured so I could compare both colours. I had an idea of the before and after already!

 Remember, the colour of my hair now isn't the actual real colour. My natural hair is way darker than the brown hair from the peroxide bleach months ago. Next I applied some oil to my scalp and just relaxed new growth. I didnt know if the dye would cause any irritation so basing my scalp was a safe option. I also wanted the last 1 inch closest to my scalp to be darker than the rest of my hair.

Application process:
I mixed the dye developer and hair colour and shook vigorously (the colour would start to change as you shake).

 I applied all of the contents to my hair and my hair was twisted in sections the previous day so application was easy.

I had my dye brush handy but I found that using the applicator bottle would make it less messy.

When I was satisfied with the coverage, it was 13 mins at the time, I coved my hair in a plastic back and left the dye on till the 1hr time before rinsing off.

I rinsed off with cool water till the water was almost clear. It was taking too much time for the water to get clear and I was becoming scared that all the colour would wash off and I would have another dye failure so when the water was almost clear I blotted the water out and wrapped my head in a T-shirt.

After 5 mins I applied the argan oil intensive conditioning treatment and left it on for 30 mins. On application my hair felt darn soft! I combed through and combing was a breeze. At this point I was really mad at myself for going to a salon to get my hair dyed. If I had done this myself like I'm doing now I'd still have my mid back length hair. I rinsed out the Deep conditioning treatment wrapped my head in a T-shirt for 15mins. Once I took off the T-shirt, I applied some lottabody setting lotion to my hair then the argan oil in the kit.

The argan oil in the kit is more than enough for one application. I transferred the remaining oil to the dye applicator bottle that I have already washed. I will be mixing this with either castor oil or shea butter oil to be used as a sealant. I then put my hair in flat twists, which I later unraveled as it was getting dry and put into a loose bun. I let the front dry fully in the flat twist.

Before (as you may already know, I'm dealing with a setback. My hair is not as thick and long as it used to be. I'll write a post on my comeback regimen later.


I love how the colour turned out and I can't stop calling myself a fool for not doing it myself the first time. The application was as simple as ABC. However its still best to go see a professional if you want things like highlights, different shades, perfect ombre etc. Mine was just plain and I even got in on my scalp *yikes* originally I wanted the new growth that I just relaxed to still be black so I deliberately avoided putting the dye on the last inch of hair. But I felt like it wasn't necessary since another new growth is going to grow out and give the same ombre effect. It would also help me see clearly, how much new growth I've gotten before my next relaxer. So I went back in there and just applied it all over my hair. I still missed some spots though but it isn't quite noticeable.

That's it ladies, I'm finally satisfied with this dye application, I love the colour and I love the brand. Whats your take on this hair colour? Would you rock it? 

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  1. Nice results and I certainly feel you about the salon and our generic hair stylists. They really need to get their acts together... You'll bounce back soon I'm sure.


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