Saturday, 21 April 2018

Hey loves in this post I will be answering some questions that I've gotten from ladies about my hair in this new state - coloured state.

Now even though some of these questions sound silly to me it actually bothers some ladies and I think these questions are as a result of the general 'fear of colouring' relaxed hair. Again it could be as a result of some myths hovering in our minds and passed down from generation to generation. Oh well, let's get right into debunking those myths.

1. Its said that its bad to colour your hair why did you colour it?

Oh well this one is personal. I simply told the lady that asked that its a personal thing. I've always wanted to colour my hair and it can't be that bad if I would take care of my coloured hair the way coloured hair should be treated. Its just like saying its bad to relax your hair (naturalistas will come at me for this one) in the end its all about preference. I've grown my hair to midback length in its relaxed state without any issue being that 'my hair is relaxed'.

2. If you dye your hair it starts breaking and gradually all of your hair would fall out.

OK the last part got me cringing seriously... Lol. What causes breakage in coloured hair is dryness. Before I took the plunge to get my hair coloured I stalked some haircare gurus that had coloured hair. A lot of them use semi permanent dyes while a lesser number use permanent dye And then some use natural dyes like henna and even hibiscus. The breakage thing is a general problem but women who use permanent hair dyes or hair dyes made with high quantity of peroxide or any form of bleaching agent. Bleaching hair strips the hair of the outer layer where the colour of the hair is deposited so if hair is over bleached the strands will get too fragile and eventually break. However all of these remain theories until they are tested out by you and I.

Is my hair breaking because of dryness? No. As a matter of fact my hairs shedding and breakage has drastically reduced since I coloured my hair. I have simply been adjusting my routine and my moisture game has been increased so for now I am not experiencing any breakage.

3. Your hair would stop growing if you colour your hair.

OK, how if I may ask? Lol. How would we even believe this? Well judging from myself, its been exactly 10days since I coloured my hair and I can see my new growth gradually setting in. Yep I have about 0.3cm of black new growth. By about a month it would be visible enough for y'all to see so,.... Yea your hair will still grow if you colour it.

4. Will my colour go back to black or dark brown? No dear it won't. I used a permanent colour so it would only fade out after a couple of washes. It would just be a faded version of the original red colour. But if I had used a semi permanent colour it would wash off and leave me with my normal hair colour. However if in years to come I get tired of the hair colour there are two things I could do.
- Grow out the colour by not doing any more touch ups. Then cutting off hair from my ends as the new growth comes in. Like grow an inch, cut an inch...
- I could dye my hair back black or brown. Then as the colour is uniform I could now stop touching up the colour and start snipping off hair from the ends whilst maintaining a certain length.

- grow out the colour and completely cut it off leaving you with short hair (OK this third one doesn't sound cool lol)

If I get tired of the colour I'm most likely going to get rid of it using the second option.

Side notes:
If you decide to colour your hair please use a good quality hair dye. Yes dying the hair whether relaxed or natural will likely do all of the questions above if you don't make use of a good quality hair dye. Those cheaply dyes out there in most of these saloons will definitely ruin your hair. Its actually more common to find stylists using the cheap dyes because its affordable and most ppl care about the beauty of the colour not minding the after effect on their hair.

Accessment after my first washday:

My hair felt great after colouring it, wayyy better than when I used the dark and lovely type. If you use the dark and lovely with much success in the first application hats off to you! But my hair didn't really feel alright after using their dye so much shedding and matting followed. To think that I washed my hair a week after colouring it using creme of nature hair dye and there was no colour bleeding. Like none at all. I thought My hair colour would become slightly dull because of the things I applied like the juice of ginger and onion, rice water... The colour is still vibrant but there's still colour and funny enough it shows pretty well when my hair is moisturised and there's enough lighting.

So right now for the second week my hair is in two braids. I moisturise and seal daily and when I feel like the braids have become too unkept I take them down, properly moisturise and do a good scalp massage before rebraiding. I'm actually thinking of adjusting my routine to washing my hair once a week. But that would

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