Thursday, 31 December 2015

Top 5 posts of 2015 + End of year Length check!

Complements of the season to you all!! 

Hello my loves :-) I hope the year 2015 is ending on a good note for you? I hope it's ending with joy in your hearts?  If not believe that 2016 will bring nothing but the best for us all, in all areas of our life, Amen!

So this post is one which I'm quite happy to write because it made me reflect on all I have been doing with my hair throughout the year 2015. I went through all of the posts I've written in search of my top 5 posts and it was a tough one for me. It was a clash between the posts you love and the posts I love but I must admit that my best posts came from my protective styling posts and my hair talk post. I tried my best to keep up with not only weekly wash days but the protective styles that follows for the benefits of ladies like me who prefer to wear only their hair.

Here are my top 5 posts of 2015 (click on the highlighted name of the post to read)

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The sunflower love bun Tutorial (1&2)

Washday Experience: Got it Right this time!

Hair talk: what works for you may not work for me. What does this mean?

To my end of year length check, here it is.

It looks like I'm grazing bra strap length again in this pic.. I think it's because my hair got really straight with my flat ironing this time around. Nonetheless I'm still Armpit Length or Below shoulder blade length (BSB).
This is 5 weeks after my previous trim and flat ironing. 

It's no news that I didn't retain any length this year because of my trim. I may have retained an inch or two but it's not quite enough. It's very saddening to me but at the same time I'm happy with what I have left and it only means that I'm starting of 2016 on a much better note. I plan to take things slow and steady with my hair in 2016 and trim both at the middle of the year and the end of the year. I'm not just chasing length I'm chasing health as well.

Left- January 2014     Right- December 2015 (after my big trim) 

My next post would be a review of my 2015 goals and a big reveal of my goals for 2016 so watch this space :-)

Thank you all for your love and support through out the year 2015. Sending warm kisses to you all my loves *muah* 


  1. Great progress that was a quick comeback Judith!

  2. kisses from here... 2016 here we come... be prepared for us

  3. I'll take healthy blunt ends over straggling thin ends any day! You totally did the right thing! Your hair is going to FLOURISH in 2016!

    KLP @