Friday, 8 January 2016

First curls for the year!

The Wash Day Experience
Hello my loves! This year is starting off on a good note for me, I hope it's same for you too :-) so this is supposed to come as a washday post but I didn't wash my hair.

I got so tired of having my hair straight from the flat ironing. Like I prefer wearing and seeing my hair curly than straight (don't get me wrong I mean 'curly' not kinky so going natural is so far from happening lol). So I set my mind on doing a Bantu knot out and then I saw that Jeni of just grow already blog and KLP of saving our strands blog already drafted out the washday themes for the month of January and the first week is in my favour! Yaaaay!

I travelled to my hometown for the Christmas and New year celebrations and only took two products with me; motion marula hair and scalp therapy oil spray and Ultra Black Hair silky spray moisturiser. So I sprayed on some of the silky spray moisturiser and detangled my hair. Without any detangler product or moisturiser it would have been impossible to detangler my roots without ripping my hair off. My new growth and previously heavily underprocessed hair made it so difficult. It was kinks at the bottom, straight hair at the lengths.

To create curls that would frame my face, I parted my hair in a round or circular manner like so...

I spritzer my sections with UBH silky spray moisturiser and created smaller sections as I went along rolling the hair and knotting it down in a circular manner and this what it looked like

This is how it turned out after unravelling it the next morning.

Day one curls

Day two curls
My mom thinks this style of Bantu knot outs (where the curls frame my face) suits me best and I think so too. What do you think? 


  1. It does suits you.. the style turned out great.

  2. Your mom is definitely right! I love these bantu knots on you! But I was STUNNED by your skin! Girl you betta werk!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

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