Sunday, 11 June 2017

Relaxer update: Mid year length check

Hello loves! I'm back but with a relaxer update. I know I said in my last post that I was going to relax my hair at 12 weeks post but a little over 11weeks post and I just couldn't wait any longer! Lol.

I followed my usual relaxer procedures,  I always texlax my hair not relax bone straight. This time I used ORS No-lye relaxer (box type).

Here's a pic of my wet hair after relaxing:

Here's a pic of my blow dried hair:

Its quite funny... I had power outage while flat ironing and i didnt want to put on the gen (the frustration power outage can cause en...  Nigerians will know what I'm talking about lol). I had already flat ironed the back half of my head and it was enough for a length check anyway.

 Here's a pic of my Flat ironed hair (the back half) For length check: where my hands are in the second pic is Waist length.

I was still happy with the results I think my ends got thicker. You can see a wet vs wet hair comparison picture below (last relaxer wet her pic is on the right while current relaxer wet hair pic is on the left) The length while blow dried isn't so much different from the length flat ironed. I also prefer the look of big blow dried hair over the sleek look of flat ironed hair.

 Overall I'm pleased with this relaxer stretch... My ends got thicker you can see it in this wet vs wet comparison picture below. It got really longer I'm like chasing waist length now. I stare at the pic and be like OMG! Waist length is finally months away! I totally cannot believe I made it this far without another setback! And this time I'm going to be so consistent with my haircare practices. Did I also tell you that throughout this relaxer stretch I finger detangled 98% of the time? Like I didn't use a comb on any of my washdays! Weekdays I also fingerdetangled mostly. I didn't loose as much hair as I used to in previous relaxer stretches and protective styling helped me pass the time!

In a nutshell...this relaxer stretch is my best so far and I'm changing my regimen and I'm going to write about the changes including the products. I've found a game changing regimen and i'm sticking to it....What's a girl to do anyway? Lol.

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