Sunday, 16 July 2017

Big Announcement! My Crotchet Extensions line: True Queens Crotchet Extensions

Hey loves! How have you been? I must first apologise, i have taken quite a mini hiatus from blog posts and i have missed out on arranged posts. I honestly have been really busy trying to put things together for something really nice. I promise you i will get back to regular blog posts soon.

Like I said, I was putting together something really nice and that is....My Crotchet Hair Extensions line. Ladies, True Queens Crotchet Extensions is the next best thing!

What is True Queens Crotchet Extensions?

This is a brand of crotchet extensions made exclusively of Brazilian yarn (wigs made of Yarn or Kanekalon).

What styles do the extensions come in? True Queens Extensions come in Braids (Braided Bombshell pack) and Twists (Twisted beauty pack). Locs will be available soon.

Packs from the Twisted beauty

Braided Bombshell pack

We also Custom make Wigs of the Twists and braids in colours you choose either in  Brazilian Yarn or Kanekalon extensions. So if you're thinking of the next protective style to try, True Queens is for you!

Twisted Beauty wig (micro twists)

Wig is Currently available for purchase!

We have a unique design to give your hair that extra bling without any added accessory. How? The True Queens Extensions come in Single or mixed colours with a matching band of a different lovely colour. This is what it looks like on you.

So why not have this protective style? Healthy hair ladies cannot stress how much good protective styling have done for our hair. I personally experienced rapid growth since I started protective styling with crotchet extensions.

What colours are available?
All the colours of Brazilian Yarn (Different shades of Red and Brown, Gold, white, Ash, Black and Purple).

To order Send me a msg via whatsapp: 08105788445
I'll have the price communicated to you as well as Delivery arrangements.

Thank you so much for reading through. I await your WhatsApp messages with love from True Queens like you!

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