Friday, 25 August 2017

Hi loves! Thanks a lot to the lovely ladies that compliment my work, gave me a follow and a few who ordered. From now though I will focus more on wigs as this is where most of the attention of my buyers is focused on.

Million braids wig
This wig has to be booked because most of you are aware that it takes quite some time to make. I do not have that many hands yet so it should roughly take 4-5 days to complete.

The partings have closures

Million braids wig for a client. She specified the colour and length. 

Booking: booking is pretty simple. The million braids wig have a fixed price at 18k no matter the colour or length. You will only need to pay some advance so that I will start your work (hence you have booked). This also includes delivery if the delivery fee to your destination does not exceed 2,000 naira. But if it does I will contact you for the extra charge.

Other braided wigs will be displayed on this blog once I have made them and also on social media. You can book for them too by sending me a message via whatsapp. The pictures of my wigs and other wigs that I can make will be flooding your social media page via my @lovetruequeens handle so you could pick the picture of the wig you want and attach it to your message. Your message should also contain the colour and length of the wig you want.

Lastly, you get a 20% discount when you order 2-3 wigs for you and your friends or loved ones!

Note: I do not make weaves or and free hair wig that can be combed out. But if I start stocking them for sale I will let you know.

For more enquiries please send an email to
Call or whatsapp: 08105788445

Thanks a lot for reading through. I hope you make good use of this opportunities and get as many wigs as you want for a very fair price before the yuletide season comes :-)

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