Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Hi loves! Guess who reached the 5th year mark of being in a healthy hair journey? Me! *throws confetti!* Click on the Hair Progress pictures bar above to see my progress over the years before i dyed my hair.

Well for me its not a journey anymore, you know when you're journeying you have a destination and that destination for us is our haircare goals. Once we get to the goal/destination we stop journeying, we settle and decide to carve a niche for ourselves there.
For me, it has become a great part of me. The only reason why I don't regularly post is because there seems to be a shift in audience from blogs to social media and by that I'm talking about Instagram and YouTube. I've always thought that by my 5 year mark I should have kick started a YouTube channel but oh well you never know how things will turn around. I can only trust that things would turn around for our good, YouTube or not.

That being said, if you're reading this anywhere in the world, this is more like a birthday wish lol....okay its a hairniversary wish, please be kind enough to follow me on both of my instagram accounts - @juditherese and @extremehairgrowthelixir. Feel free to comment that youre from the blog so i can follow right back!  It would also mean the world to me and literarily make my year if I get just 1 customer who's a reader of my blog say,

"hey Judith I appreciate the haircare info, tips and tricks I've learned from your blog over the years, I would love to try out your Extreme Hair Growth Elixir. I need 1 or 2, I'm in (add location)"

 Its not bad to wish right? Lol.

Majority of us still haven't gotten this hair journey thing right and so I have taken it upon myself to educate my customers in an extensive level. So after purchase of the growth oil i create personal hair regimens to suit each customers as well as give product recommendations with regular follow ups.

Here are some reviews from a few customers after 3 weeks of using Extreme Hair Growth Elixir. I really wish they would send pictures though lol.

If you would like to give our hair growth oil a try simply send a mail to or you can follow us on Instagram and send a Direct message (DM). Reach us on whatsapp +2348105788445. We deliver everywhere in Nigeria. International deliveries also available so yes we can get it to you in the USA.   Dont be skeptical because it works. Did I just celebrate 5 whole years of being on a healthy hair journey? If after those 5 years I come up with something that does not work please I give you permission to call me out anywhere. Lol.

My next post is a hair update. Thanks for stopping by *muah*

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