Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hair talk series: Too much texture??

I'm sold to the Volume that texlaxed hair gives! 

I honestly think this texlaxed texture is so close to being natural. Which is my aim after all but where/when would the length come in?  Being texlaxed has its ups and downs especially choosing the texlaxed level you are fine with. Prior to being on a hair journey my hair never got straight relaxed after touch up so now I get it that I've always been a texlaxed head but I wanted more volume so I kept increasing the kinkyness left after touch up.

Now when/where does the length come in? I have shrinkage like all the time. Especially when I'm deep into the stretch so much that people think I've cut my hair. But the answer  to the question is that for me, I usually do not see my actual length at all until the starting from the day of my touch up to about a week. The next week's I'll still need some blow drying to see the length.

What do I think about having Relaxed hair that looks natural?
I think it's awesome. For ladies that don't want to go natural just yet.  Blogger Lesley of fresh lengths blog can relate to the freedom and versatility that this kind of texlaxed hair gives.  Some pictures of my hair I avoid posting it on social media because I feel it will get most ladies confused.  This picture is a typical example.

But I'll make sure to do length checks with my hair flat ironed from time to time to see if I'm actually retaining length.  Everyone likes to see their real length once in a while.

Would I loosen the texture because of its kinkyness? No. I love big hair and I love volume. Getting to my desired length markers with volume and thick ends would place me on cloud 9. Lol

Texlaxed bloggers and hairlistas have you ever looked  at your hair and thought... Maybe I have too much texture?